Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shin Bet Removes Gag, Makhoul and Said Accused of Spying

Shades of Azmi Bishara! The Shin Bet has dusted off its “Arab terror” playbook and come up with the equivalent of the failed, but tried-and-true old standard: when you have an uppity Arab who’s bugging the hell out of you but doing so in accordance with the laws of the land, arrest him under secret gag order. Then wait for the uproar from the usual Commie-Arab suspects, and lower the boom on him with a charge of collaborating with the Arab enemy. Since Hamas is under blockade, it’s usually easier to charge someone with spying for Hezbollah or Syria. That’s precisely what the secret police have done regarding Ameer Makhoul and Omer Said, who were each arrested secretly and held in prison for days without benefit of counsel or charges being filed (until today):

You can read the rest of the article in Tikun Olam, Richard Silverstein's blog.

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